See Us at ISPCON Fall 2006

We'll be making our presence known at ISPCON Fall 2006, the premier conference for internet service providers, which takes place on November 7th through 9th in Santa Clara, California.

Our CEO Elliot Noss will join blogger, Cluetrain Manifesto co-author and Linux Journal senior editor Doc Searls for ISPCON Fall 2006's first keynote, In the Hotseat with Doc: A Fireside Chat on Tuesday, November 7th.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 8th, I'll be moderating a panel session titled What the Web 2.0? What it is, why it matters and where's the money?, which will feature SiteKreator CEO Ivaylo Lenkov and Zimbra VP of Marketing and Product Management John Robb.

Finally, on Thursday, November 9th, our VP Marketing Ken Schafer will host his session, 30 Rapid-Fire Website Wins, Guaranteed. This one comes with a guarantee: If you don't feel that you've picked up at least five techniques to improve your site by the end of Ken's session, he will personally assess your site and give you five ways to improve it!

If you'd like to know more about Elliot's keynote and Ken's and my sessions, I've included the descriptions from the conference program below.

Description for In the Hotseat with Doc: A Fireside Chat

Tuesday, November 7th
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

DOC SEARLS is a writer, speaker and consultant on topics that arise wheretechnology and business meet. He is the Senior Editor of Linux Journal andruns the new online journal "Doc Searls' IT Garage." He is co-author of TheCluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual, a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Borders Books and bestseller. In August, 2005, Doc recieved the first annual Google O'Reilly Open SourceAward for Best Communicator. As a writer, his byline has appeared in OMNI, Wired, PC Magazine, The Standard, The Sun, Upside, Release 1.0, Wired, TheGlobe & Mail and many other publications. He is a regular on The Linux Showand The Gillmor Gang podcast.

ELLIOT NOSS has been a leader in the Internet industry for nearly 10 yearsand has been a driver in the evolution of Tucows Inc. for the last seven.Trained as a lawyer, he joined Tucows in 1997 as Vice President, CorporateServices. He was subsequently appointed president and CEO of Tucows Inc. inMay 1999. During his tenure, Tucows has grown to become a leadingdestination for Internet software and application downloads. In 2000, thecompany created the wholesale domain name registration market with thelaunch of the OpenSRS (shared registration services) platform. In August2001, he helped orchestrate Tucows' merger with Infonautics, Inc., under theTucows name. Since then, Elliot has rapidly expanded Tucows wholesaleservices to offer digital certificates, DNS, and email services to a growinginternational Reseller channel.

Description for What the Web 2.0? What it is, why it matters and where's the money?

Technology Track
Wednesday, November 8th
4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

You can talk all day long about blogs, tags, MySpace and YouTube without putting a single dollar in your pocket. We're going to spend this hour together doing the exact opposite. First we'll cover the "what and why" of the subject through an overview of the direct and indirect value these big trends represent for ISPs, Hosts and customers. Then, we'll address the "how" of providers and customers alike who are leveraging these technologies out in the wild with some best practices. Finally, the "wow" being the business impact it is having, it's potential, overall customer behavior/usage habits, effects on bandwidth, churn, arpu, adoption and of course how this all translates into real dollars in your pocket, better customer relationships and unique value in the marketplace.

Description for 30 Rapid-Fire Website Wins, Guaranteed

Marketing Track
Thursday, November 9th
12:45 - 1:45 p.m.

Many ISPs and Hosts fail to realize the full potential of their own websites and spend little time updating, let alone optimizing them to achieve key business objectives. What's the desired outcome for your site? Serve as a local community portal, a customer extranet for support or webmail, a place to showcase solutions, convert new leads to customers or just tired brochureware for that $19.95 service. During this fast-paced "no holds barred" session, Internet best practice expert Ken Schafer will guide you through 30 ways to make your site dramatically better and meet key business objectives. Using dozens of examples, we'll provide eye-opening insights into how these Quick Wins and Big Ideas can shape your site and provide an unfair advantage over your competitors. GUARANTEE: If at the end of the session you don't feel you have at least five techniques that will improve YOUR site, Ken will personally assess your site and give you five ways to improve it!

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Re: See Us at ISPCON Fall 2006
doncha think we might want to create a Kiko event roll that enumerates these sorts of things for our loyal readers? Let me know if you want me to walk you through the mechanics of creating the event roll and embedding it in your blog...:)
Re: Re: See Us at ISPCON Fall 2006
by Joey deVilla on Tue 12 Sep 2006 06:20 PM EDT
Yes, it's in the works, but I'm than happy to let you practice your Kiko presentations on me. How 'bout when I get back from the php|works / db|works conference?
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