Best Web Hosts for Your Domain

Are you looking for the best web hosting to go along with your new domain name?

We have tested over 50 different web hosts and have found a couple real winners:

1. iPage Web Hosting

ipageOne thing that you always need to remember when looking through any iPage review is that you will be using a shared server. There are a number of benefits and downsides to this. The bad side is that you are only able to access 25 percent of the server and there are others on the same server as you, who can affect how fast your website runs. You will struggle with this is you are looking at using a lot of server-side programming.

However, iPage do combat this with the fact that they offer a lot of add-ons for free. This is particularly useful for those who are looking at using their website for e-commerce. There is the ability to use shopping carts and integrate PayPal into your website so you do not need to worry about the server-side programming.

Another downside is the fact that you do not have your own IP address, which can affect the ability to reach other countries. However, it is a lot cheaper to opt for shared servers than it is for dedicated ones.

If you are struggling with deciding whether iPage is for you, you will need to consider an iPage review on the customer support. This support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days every year. You will have no problem getting through to them.

The support is available so that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to contact them. They are always friendly and polite and you will find that your calls are answered within two minutes of dialing. You will not be passed from advisor to advisor either since whoever you get will either be able to answer your queries or you will be sent straight to somebody who can.

All your problems will be fixed within a matter of minutes and you will not have your website taken down – unless that was already the problem. Even if it is a hardware problem on iPage’s side, it will be fixed in a timely manner for you.

Something that iPage offers is a guarantee that your website will be up 99.9 percent of the time and it is time to do an iPage review on that. Due to the exceptional customer support, it is actually possible for your website to be visible to the whole world 99.9 to 100 percent of the time. They do strive for 100 percent but they take into account the unexpected hardware problems.

One of the main reasons for a server to go down is due to a piece of hardware malfunctioning – this still happens no matter how much technology has advanced. The iPage team has technicians and hardware available to be able to fix the problems and you will be informed of what is going on every step of the way.

A problem like this will also mean that you will be moved to another server temporarily while it is fixed. This way your website is still visible to the whole world and your business will not suffer because of problems that are not your own fault.


2. BlueHost

bluehostAnybody who reads a Bluehost review will notice that the reviews of this company are almost universally favorable. The question is can these reviews be trusted or are they fake? Well, surprising as it may seem, the reviews of Bluehost are entirely genuine. It is a shocking thing but there aren’t many companies in the web hosting game that do things the right way at every turn. Bluehost is one of the few, which is why their reviews are always five stars.

Bargain basement hosting firms typically slash prices to the bone in a bid to get cost-conscious buyers to plump for their service. To be fair, the tactic is quite effective. Unfortunately, clients of these firms soon discover that the service isn’t top class – there may be frequent outages, loss of data due to hardware errors, plus slow loading of web pages. Then, when there are problems, customer support is nowhere to be seen.

All of these things are par for the course with low cost hosting providers, which may lead you to believe that good hosting costs a bomb. Actually, this is generally true but is not the case with Bluehost. They are even recommended by some of the top bloggers (check it out) because where Bluehost streaks ahead of the pack is in the quality of service it provides at a very reasonable price point. In case you are still wondering, this is the reason online reviews of Bluehost are almost all extremely favorable.