Ken Schafer

Ken Schafer

Widely seen as a pioneer of the Internet in Canada, Ken has tirelessly promoted the Net as a significant force in business and culture.

Ken conceived and oversaw Sony Music Canada's early online initiatives. From their first site in 1995, Ken's team built a global web presence for 25 Canadian artists, by pioneering viral and e-mail marketing, rich media, and community building long before they had become buzzwords.

In 1996 he co-founded (AIMS) where as President he helped it become Canada's largest organization for Internet decision-makers. In 1997 he co-authored the online portion of the Canadian Marketing Association's Code of Ethics.

Ken's volunteer work was recognized in 2002 when he was named a finalist for "Volunteer of the Year" at the Canadian New Media Awards.

More recently, Ken developed the curriculum and now teaches the 14-week CMA's Certificate in E-marketing program.

Today, he is VP, Marketing for Tucows Inc. and Contributing Editor of One Degree, Canada's leading web site for Internet marketing professionals.

Ken received his degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and lives outside Toronto with his wife, parenting expert Alyson Schafer, and their two children.

Blogging To Join The Community You Serve

On the second day of ISPCON I managed to stop event organizer Jon Price for a few moments and asked him about why he's been blogging up a storm at the ISPCON Blog.

(If you're reading this in your feedreader you won't see the video, but you can catch it by clicking here.)

Dreamhost Talks Affiliate Marketing

I've long been impressed by the success of Dreamhost's affiliate marketing program, so when I had a chance at ISPCON to talk to Josh and Dallas - co-founders of Dreamhost - I had to ask about the program. They gave some really candid insights. Enjoy!

(If you are reading the feed you won't see the embedded video, so click here to see it.)

Doc Searls On Cluetrain Confusion

A few weeks ago, over at One Degree I had the good fortunate to interview co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto David Weinberger about misperceptions people have of the message Cluetrain was meant to deliver. ISPCON gave me a chance to ask another cluetrain author, Doc Searls the same question...

(Apologies to Doc for cutting his reply short. The memory card in my camera seems to have given up the ghost. Sad yes, but this gives Joey and me a chance to check out the local Frys).

Lou Honick On Marketing Good Service

At ISPCON earlier today I talked to CEO Lou Honick about how you use great customer service to attract new business.

Blogging ISPCON

Tucows as a large contingent at ISPCON in Santa Clara this week. Along with taking in the sessions, doing presentations, hanging out at our booth and generally connecting with customers and community, we're also looking forward to sharing much of the conference experience with you oh humble Tucows Blog reader. Watch for videos, podcasts and blog posts from and about the conference.

Day 2 Highlights Of Hosting Transformation Summit 2006

In this the second of two reports on the recent Tier 1 Hosting Summit that covered "Hosting 2.0" I share my session notes. This was meant for internal consumption here at Tucows but with a little massaging and spell checking I figured what the heck. Enjoy!
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Day 1 Highlights Of Hosting Transformation Summit 2006

I had the good fortune to spend the last few days in Las Vegas at Tier 1 Research's Hosting Transformation Summit. I've collected up my thoughts on Day One of the conference here, Day Two follows next week. Read on to see what I learned...
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Hello World!

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